Created by artists, for artists, Critical Tasks are short activities to stimulate critical thinking and practice.

Example Critical Tasks…


Map all the activities in your life: your practice, ongoing projects, family, hobbies, what you do to pay the bills, etc.

Where are the areas of conflict and contradiction? In your values / beliefs; what you care about and what you do?

What could you do to ameliorate these?

Would that be beneficial, or are these conflicts and contradictions actually your vital motivating forces?

By Ellie Harrison



How would you approach instructing a caveman in using a computer, and once they had learnt, how to use a creative programme like Photoshop? Also, how could they go back to caveman times and use these skills in their own computer-less world?

By Jasmine Surreal



A log has fallen on your head and you have contracted full and total amnesia.

Try to see your work from an anonymous point of view. How does it look different from the outside?

Are there any unintended meanings, concepts or ideas which can be construed?

By Daniel N.

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